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Searunn cutthroat trout

Ahh the wounderus searunn cut. They one of the most important speices in puget sound and the coast of washington. They are great fun to catch on either light spinning tackel. catching them can sometimes be very tough. they can turn off just as fast as they turned on to the feed. THey eat every hting from shrimps to herring. My favorite technique for ctaching searunn cutts is to look for bait balls then cast to them. I use an assortment of flies. here are a few of them. The tinsel herring.
hook: a 6 to 10 saltwater thread: vary body: wrapped flashaboo tail: varying colors of crystal flash 2x the length of the hook tied 1/3 down from the eyelet. eyes:dumbbell eyes.
Muddler minnow blacknose dace any other flashey flies will work. Work around points and were current is strong and over oyster bed.

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