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This is my profile
Name: Colin Neuffer

birthdate: march 16th 1983

Age: 25

palce of birth: Seattle, wa

house I grrew up in: 2 story
house in ballard

schools: westwoodland
elemntery, whitter elemtery,
whitman middle school, summit
k-12, roosevelt highschool,
northseattle community
college, grays harbor college
Degrees: aquaculture tech, trim carpentry

hobbies: fishing, music, magic the gathering,

bestfriends: Ben harper and dawn Neuffer

childhood friend: Brian williams

height: 6' 3"

weight: 210 lbs

favorite colors: Black and hot pink

music: metal, jazz, blues, alternative rock,
classic rock, industrial, rock and roll, hiphop

favorite tv shows growing up: mash, power
rangers, fishing shows, simpsons.

fav tv shows now: mash, tudors, family guy,
deadliest catch, man vs wild.

fav baseball team: seattle mariners and

favorite baselball player: ichiro and griffy jr

football team: seattle seahawks and ny

football player: walter jones, lofa tatupu

my hero: Dimebag darrell abbot r.i.p

Race: northern european Norweigen full

more to come later...............