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Crappies in Duck Lake Washignton
I have found a few interesting tid bits on fishing for crappie in duck lake in Ocean Shores grays harbor county Washington. They seem to like to come out
right at can cast any thing to them. They rise like a trout at that time. I tried wet dry streamers nymphs and even egg flies. All will work for
them. just cast to any rise any you should get a hit . have fun.

All you blackmouth homies.....
So yeah I heard that the first of november will be the oppening of a month long season for chinook in most inland waters so gett out yur down riggers
asn d favorite chinook offering s and get ready for some great black mouth fishing Hope4 to see you on the water. Till next time from the fly guy.

Chum are here now go get them!!!!!!!!!
Well its definatly fall. The air is cold so that must mean that we are in the chum times. Fishing will be best 1 hour before the sun breaks over the cascades
andin the evening by point no point , jeff head, the hoodsport hatchery, and the most of the rivers mouths in the sound. Count on most fish being in the
range of 10 to 12 pounds and wanting to hit more or less green purple redd and pink. use the smallest hoochies you can find on the market and guady
streamers for the fly anglers out there. Well good luck catching these fish.

Hoochies gallor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
okay now that I have your attention her it is. I have the best ways to hook up a hooch for silvers chum and chinook. USa a flasher about 5 to 10 inches in
length. then use some 30 lb test leader anbout 12 inches in length attach to the wieght then get a leader going for the hoochie and use a double hook
hookup and use a pink or green hoochie and use a 9 to 18 inch leader and use a herring stip and have fun . Till next tiome from the fly guy.

NEW FLIES (woah Brook trout ahoy)
Labradore holds lakes that hold huge 7 and 8 pound brook trout that will attack a mouse. wow heh. A large mouse fly should sufice good enough.

The Silvers Are In !!!!!! (Come and get them boys)


The coho have finally arrived in the sound. There is good fishing around meadow point off the buoy and at west point. throwing minnow imitating flies
and bait fish flies from the beach will produce some silvers.If at all possible get out in a boat and use a quick sinking line get down from 10 to 30 feet you
should be fine. trolling speeds should be quicker than for trout. Good luck.


The silvers are in the rivers now. You probably will want to try fishing the skagit and the snohomish ribvers for the silvers.


Sorry fornot updating recently but I have been busy with school. MY freinds have been busy with school so then that means I have no ti e for fishing
there will be more up around thanks giving.

Fishing by medow point for blackmouth
YEs there are good size blackmouth 12" to 18" uising a herring or sqiud fly will get you bites using conventional tack a flasher with a pink hoochie tipped
with a strip of herring. They are around 45 to 50 pulls out when trolling.

Come get your chum.!!!!!!! hehehehehehehehehehhe
go get em boys the chum are going to be here in a weeek they'll be along tthe beaches a mile or so from hoodsport . go get you r green flies hoochies
and other chum goodies and go get them until next time guys.

Mooching 101
Hey there Its time for mooching for black mouth 101 hehehehe. this peice is under construction shoul dbe up by 12/10/02in the eveingclick here


hey there went over to the other side of the sound on sunday the 26 got massive hits and saw lots of bait jumping. hoping to get out to the rivers since
they are chalk full of coho and chum hope to see you all out on the water. till next time .. the fly guy heheehe


There is great coho fishing off medow point and in and around the bay in carkeek park got 5 fish and 3 of them were at least 20 inches and bigger one at
leat 27 inches. kept one. use a large herring fly or if you want a dodger with a small hoochie and a fillet strip of herring attached to it.


hey there all you Iam going out on the sound on friday morning over to carkeek park area. Hopefully goingt o get soem chum and a couple black mouth
see yeah there.


HEading up to the upper snohomish on saturday for chums going to see how it goes I'll be in touch guys..



yeah so the chums afre here and ready for catching. Go out and get them they are in all the rivers around the sound go get them guys.peace out.

12/31/02 ------the new year is here-------

I am back


Went fishing on the Flint river in Alabama its been 5 long years since I have had an update on here.
there are tons of shiners in the river along with 12 to 25 inch gar. there is also a bluegill rock bass hybrid and a good population of large mouth and small
mouth bass. a couple species of suckers and roach. carp and bluegill and pumkin seed also inhabit the river. I walked up about 2 miles. give it a try..