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FIshing tips

Trout tip for you!!!!!!!!!!

Ttrout can be very moody at times but with alittle know how even the most finicky of trout can be coaxed into biting. USe this clever equation
  • Time
  • Tempurature
  • Depth
  • season
  • forage or feed These 5 details are crucial to catch ing finicky trout Since most of the time fish react differnt on differnet waters Just use the formula when you cathc one then write down the formula and what you did then do it again I garuntee that you will be more sucessfull.

    Coho when they are on the bite!!!!!

    When silvers go on the bite in the many bays and estuaries in the sound they can be very easy to target. But what many angelers forget is that the basics will outfish any fancey down riggers. Since the fish will usually only be in the first 30 feet or so all you need is like a 4 ounce wieght at the most. connected to a leader that is made of 20 to 25 pound test line. use only a 12 to 18 inch leader. Connect to a flasher 4 to 8 inches will do fine. then the leader to the hooks needs to be only 8 to 12 inches and a hoochie pink or green will do tip the hook with a herring or anchovey fillet and if ythe fish are about 30 feet down let out 30 to 45 pulls if no bites occur try more line or change the speeds on your boat and good luck.

    Curly tails for Coho in the estuaries

    I was wa tching outdoor network one day when they had a show on salmon fishing in alsaka rivers and river tributaries. One of the tecniquies for estuary and tributary fishing for coho was using a 3/4 ounce jig head with 4 to 5 inch hot color grub: Chartruse, pink green white speckled ect. casting out and retriving it slowly or normal you choose. So I have had the idea of fishing some of thre large river mouths in the sound the same way this year for the coho but I guess I'm gonna have to wait till nrext year cause they will be pushing up the rivers around weds after we have some rain. so good luck and go and try this technique.

    wanna catch stupid flounders?

    Darn flounders are all over the place. well then if you want to have fun iwith them get your self a ultralight rig and use a jig head thats a 1/4 ounce. tip it with a piece of herring and find water thats about 20 to 30' deep and drop down just above the bottom and wait.


    the dogg fish i actually a great fish to hook on light tackle. a light rod and 8 to 10 pound test lkine attached to a 4 to 8 ounce weight ands the 18 to 25" wire leader use a large salmon hook and a whole herring good luck

    Whoa doggy

    Well well another useless tip for those who want to catch dogfish. I to enjoy fighting these annoying pesky dish. yes I do. So to all of you who want to catch them listen closesly. Find a good sandy bay with about a depth of 60 to 100 feet. USe the same giggs that yopu always use and use fresh herring this time they like fresh herring better then frozen herring.

    Browns abound in seattle

    YEs large browns are present in the heart of Seattle. The favorite place for a person to take a brisk walk along the water. You know where i'm talking about yes You do. Ahh yes GReenlake oh wonderfull milfoil filled greenlake. YEs there are browns in there a good number of them You can ususally see them rolling and rising in the early early morning by the golfcourse side of the lake. They feed on the numorus sculpin and small perch and panfish that in habit the lake. BEst way to get them is to go deep during the morning and late afternoon. useing a fast tapering sink tip line and a long leader ending in a 10 pound test tippet. Use flies like large muddler minows and woolheaded scuplins and have fun yes big trou big tro0ut do exist here in Seattle waters ehehhehehe.