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My Information

My Information

Colin Neuffer

Hi there I am Colin I run this web site and heres my interview for fishing. Soon there will be more questions and answers but for now these will have to do.

name=Colin Neuffer

years fishing= 20 years yeah baby

age= 25

kind of tackle setup= I have been drift fishing for 2 years now I flyfish and use spinning tackle and I troll for Salmon with both fly and convetional tackle....;)

Music=I like blackmetal , classic rock, bluegrass, classical, heavy thrash metal.....rock on baby

lakes, rivers, saltwater, Stream=Saltwater and rivers lakes aree kinda

biggest fish= 52.4 pound chinook on the hump

Favorite fish= Silver salmon in rivers and steelhead

Bass Or Trout=Trout but bass are fun on the fly rod Trout or Salmon size=50=its a tye between the two;)

Lure Fly Bait=my favorite fly is a black wooly bugger and my favoritte lure is a hoochie squid.....beat that

boat or Float tube=both and I use them both hehehhehehehehe floating for sockeye hehehehehee its fun you should try it some time.

residence=Toney, AL

favoritethingtotuseforfishing=Drift rod

favorite show=The IN-FISHERMAN

first fish=A rainbow trout out of greenlake when I was 4 yrs old

Motivation=My love of the outdoors and my freind brian ben

Favangler= Ben harper,Brian Williams and myself hehehehehehehe

Favorite place= Columbia river basin other I love you Billy and brian and ben keep it up man