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    Born with passion for arts, I engaged most of my vacant times in improving my skills in various fields of arts such as painting, picture editing and designing, building home pages, making scrap books and lot more.  I kept all my portfolios as my personal keepsakes.   I really enjoyed designing everything, such as advertisements, web sites, home interiors like curtains, bed sheets,etc., food decoration, dress and lot more.  My friends sometimes described me as "Leading Lady", according to them I am very girly in nature and loves to do things that are really suitable for ladies.  I think, they really described me exactly since I also feel that I am like that.  Even my Hubby, during the early years of our marriage, he always say "It's a girl thing" whenever he saw me doing something. 


    In the office, I'm always vacant most of the time, so I spent my time in building home pages and designing our son's pictures (click here to see some of his photos). I am the one who designed our advertisements also in the office, we published it in some Kuwait's magazine and in daily newspapers, both Arabic and English. I really enjoyed making all those stuffs, I did not feel any tire or hunger even I did not able to eat my lunch!  Yup, I'm crazy in designing, I don't know why! :)


 At home, I enjoyed cooking everything that I like, I like experimenting recipes.  I got this idea from my husband, he usually cooks uniquely, mixing ingredients that are not mixable! Got my point?  I like collecting recipes and I try to cook it for dinner since I have no time to cook at lunch, my office time off is 3:30 pm.  My favorite dish to cook are Asian (Filipino, Thai, Chinese and Japanese) recipes of course since the ingredients are very familiar to me.  Sometimes I also cook Arabic and Western cuisine, .  I am not an expert one but at least I can cook for my family. The recipe blog that I created is for fun only, just to keep myself busy. I hope you will end up having fun with it too.


  Reading is one of my hobbies also, when I was a student I described myself as book-worm since I really love reading anything that caught my interest.  Now that I am a little bit busy, I have less time for books but I still reads a lot, I browse the internet of course because I am online daily.  So I still have time to read.   I considered this hobby of mine as an important one and played a great role in the development of my knowledge.  Had it not been my great interest for reading,I think I could not be an advance learner student.










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