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Name Jonah Fire  
Player Matt  
Chronicle Gaming Alliance  
Tribe Get Of Fenris  
Auspice Ahroun  
Breed Homid  
Willpower 8  
Gnosis 6  
Rage 8  
Pack Name Fenrir's Claws  
Pack / Personal Totem Wolverine  
Nature Judge  
Demeanor Bravo  
Concept Alpha Wolf  
Rank Arden (3)    
Age Early 30's Hair Black Height 6ft 8
Date of Birth 30th May 2006 Eyes Blue Weight 300 lbs
Race Caucasian Nationality American Sex Male
Glory 00/06 Honor 00/03 Wisdom 00/01


Physical Social Mental
Strength 4 Charisma 3 Perception 3
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 2
Stamina 3 Appearance 3 Wits 3


Talents Skills Knowledge's
Alertness 3 Animal Ken 2 Computers  
Athletics 3 Crafts 3 Enigmas 3
Brawl 3 Drive 2 Investigation 3
Dodge 3 Etiquette   Law  
Empathy 1 Firearms 1 Linguistics 3
Expression 1 Leadership 3 Medicene  
Intimidation 3 Melee 1 Occult 3
Primal Urge 3 Performance 2 Politics  
Streetwise 2 Stealth 3 Rituals 3
Subterfuge 1 Survival 3 Science 1

Secondary Abilities

Talents Skills Knowledge's
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5  
Master of Fire Troll Skin Silver Claws Hero's Stand    
Razor Claws Wearing the Bear Shirt Venom Blood      
Resist Pain Spirit of the Fray        
Create Element Snarl of the Predator        


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5  
Rite of Cleansing Rite of Summoning Rite of The Fetish      
Rite of Silence          
Rite of Talisman Dedication          
Rite of the Opened Caern          
Rite of the Questing Stone          
Rite of Binding          
Backgrounds   Merits   Flaws  
Ancestors 4 Immune to Wrym Emanations 6pt Wolf Years 5pt
Familiar Spirit 5 Mixed Morph 1pt Amnesia 2pt
Fetish 4        
Pure Breed 2        
Totem 6        
Rites 5        
Gear   Equipment   Vehicles  
Iron Hammer Level 4, Gnosis 5        
History - View from Without Archon Joel McHenry Clan Tremere  
Subject - Fire, Jonah "Cross" - 1996 Data File

The Garou known as Jonah is a very interesting subject. For some reason unbeknownst to myself, he has somehow found his way in and out of The Eye of the Storm1 at least twice now. The first known time of his arrival was approximately nine months ago. He appeared to be slightly older than his appearance this time, as well as sporting a number of cybernetic implants.

Approximately two nights ago he appeared once more, on a mission upon the behest of the Society. Both he and his father were found , immobilized and imprisoned in a instillation approximately 30 kilometers south of Penrith, Sydney Australia. Though whilst his father promptly once more disappeared back into the umbra, he has not, and has continued to reside in the areas surrounding Penrith. In any case, this is a Garou with a destiny, one that may end up affecting us all. He will be one to be watched.

History - View from Without Matt Jacobs Toreador Society Elder      
Journal Entry: 25th January 2001,

He has returned. Above all i know, I know where he is from, and i know why he is here. It appears he does not. Which can only be good for us. A devastating weapon with no one to wield it is no weapon at all. Yes he might strike fiercely against the Wrym, and what ever else the Garou stumbles across, but for now everything is safe.

History - View from Within Jonah Get Of Fenris Cliath      
2001 - I have had little time to speak with the one whom insists that she is my mother... Her pregnancy bothers me, she says that is me inside of her, but how can that be, if I am who I am? I do not remember much... Very few things, I know I am Garou, that I am Get of Fenris, and my Father was the last great Sept Jarl of our Kind. I also know that I was born now.. this time in which I am in, though if that is true, i do not understand the how or why that happened.

As to what they call the "Future"... my past and present, I do not remember anything, I wish I would, but I do not. I know that mother Gaia has her plans for me, and i shall always follow them to the best of my abilities. It is my secret hope that somewhere sometime soon, i will know and understand. For now, the fight for Gaia against the Wrym is all that matters.

2002 - What a difference a year can make. Today is the day i now become a Fostern. Apart from the single combat I will be participating in, i must also be ready to recite my accomplishments which brings me to this battle in the first place;

February 2001 - Took down a single spiral dancer scout not long after my being received into my family. ( Glory 2 ). This lead to finding a larger BSD threat to the Caern.

Additional Information          
Totem - Wolverine          
Wolverine is tireless and merciless, and his affinity to War is unquestionable. He draws on a bottomless fount of anger and battles on after all others have fallen to injury or exhaustion. This mindless viciousness makes him devoid of compassion or mercy, something that doesn't sit well with many Garou.
Traits: Wolverine teaches combat and power. He grants each of his children an extra point of Stamina so they won't fall in battle. What's more, he shows them the heart of his fury by sending them a vision of the depths of Malfeas, in the heart of the Wyrm itself. After viewing this atrocity, his children gain an extra point of Rage (not to exceed 10). Although they might spend all their Rage, children of Wolverine can never permanently lose this point, and thus they never lose the Wolf or run out of Rage.
Ban: Wolverine requires that his children always use Rage in combat and never show mercy to a foe.
Rite - Rite of Cleansing          
This rite purifies a person, place or object, allowing it to be used without fear of Wyrm-taint. The most common form of this rite involves the ritemaster inscribing a circle on the earth, walking widdershins (counterclockwise) around the afflicted person(s) or object(s) while holding a smoldering branch or torch. She must use a branch (preferably willow or birch) dipped in pure water or snow to sprinkle the object or person cleansed. As the ritemaster does so, all Garou present release an eerie, otherworldly howl in an attempt to "frighten away" and thus banish the corrupting influence. Ideally, this rite is performed at dawn, but it can be performed at any time.
System: This rite can be cast upon more than one person or object, but the leader must spend one Gnosis point on each extra thing or person in need of cleansing. The difficulty level depends on the level of taint. For instance, taint caused by a spirit might set a difficulty equal to the spirit's Gnosis. Only one success is required. If the character performs the rite at dawn, the difficulty of the rite decreases by one. Note that this rite cannot heal wounds or damage caused by Wyrm-taint; it removes only any existing contamination. This rite cannot cleanse taint of the most innate sort, either. The rite inflicts agonizing pain when performed on a fomor, vampire, unrepentant Black Spiral Dancer or other similarly accursed creature, but it cannot wash the recipient clean.
Rite - Rite of Silence          
Garou who need to be silent use this rite to make up for any lack in natural ability. For the duration of this rite, the Garou are incapable of making any noise even if they bang on a drum or shatter glass. With the assistance of Raven spirits, the Garou can sneak through dry underbrush or over a gravel road without making a sound.
System: The Garou invoking this rite confines herself in a dark room or cave. She whispers her darkest secret and then utters an oath of silence. Raven-spirits, attracted by her secret, carry any sound she makes into the Umbra once she leaves her confinement. If the werewolf chooses to speak for any reason, the rite ends immediately. The Raven-spirits, disappointed that the Garou did not reveal any more secrets, return the sounds they carried. For several minutes, the Garou is surrounded by a cacophony she created earlier. This rite silences only those sounds the Garou would have made directly. If she were to throw a rock at a window, for instance, the whistle of the rock through the air would be silent, but the shattering glass would not. If she punched the glass with her bare hand, the breaking window would not make a sound.
Rite - Rite of Talisman Dedication          
This rite allows a werewolf to bind objects to her body, allowing these objects to fit her various forms (jeans will grow to accommodate the size increase of the Crinos form, for instance) and accompany the Garou into the Umbra. Such talismans are most commonly mundane items, for spiritual items such as fetishes and talens remain with the werewolf in all forms automatically. A werewolf most often performs this rite during the phase of the moon under which he was born. Each auspice has its own peculiar ritual.
System: The cost is one Gnosis point per object dedicated, and a character may never have more objects bound to himself than his Gnosis score. Certain large objects (Storyteller's discretion) are considered to be more than one for the purposes of "cost." Similarly, the Storyteller may allow multiple objects to count as one object if they are sufficiently related (and not an abuse of the
rite). The most common example is permitting a set of clothes to count as "one object" rather than one shirt, one pair of pants and
so on. A generous Storyteller might allow a container's contents (at the time of dedication) to count as part of the container if,
again, the players aren't abusing the rite by doing so. The Storyteller and the player should decide what happens to the object when the character assumes certain forms. For example, when the character assumes Crinos form, her backpack's straps may simply grow to fit around her shoulders (although the pack still cannot hold more items than normal). When the character is in Hispo form, her knife may meld with her body. In such cases, the object will appear as a tattoo. Others must spend a Willpower point to remove the object from the character.
Rite - Rite of the Opened Caern          
Caerns are highly spiritual places that are sacred to those who create them. Each caern has a specific power associated with it, generally of a beneficial nature. Thus, there are caerns of Rage, caerns of Gnosis, Strength, Enigmas and so on. If a character is knowledgeable enough, she may tap into the caern's power and use it herself. Doing so is commonly called "opening" a caern. Opening a caern should not be attempted lightly. Caerns do not give up their energies easily, and failure to harness such power properly can result in serious damage to the Garou. Each caern has its own requirements of the ritemaster. The ritemaster must prove herself worthy of the caern's energies. In order to open a caern of Enigmas, a Garou might walk a spiral path
while calling out the Greek myth of Persephone. To open a caern of Rage, the Garou might transform into Crinos and chant the
litany of his ancestors who have fallen to the Wyrm. The key is forging a connection to the particular spirit of the caern.
System: To open a caern, a character engages in a resisted, extended success test of Wits + Rituals (difficulty 7). The number of successes needed equals the caern's level. The character must overcome the caern spirit to prove herself worthy. The caern spirit uses its caern level as a dice pool. Its difficulty equals the character's Gnosis, while the number of successes needed equals the character's Willpower. The first one to gamer the necessary number of successes wins. If the character wins the test, she can add the caern's rating to her dice pool when performing actions appropriate to that caern's focus. If she loses, however, she takes wounds equal to the number of success by which the caern beat her. A botch indicates that the wounds are aggravated. These physical and spiritual wounds are the results of a backlash of spiritual energy. See Caerns Mechanics (p. 226) for a list of caern types, their powers and the spirits that can be encountered near them.
Rite - Rite of the Questing Stone          
This rite allows the werewolf to find a person or object (locations do not count) . He must know the name of the object or individual. The difficulty of the rite is reduced if the Garou has some piece of the object or person (for example, a clipping of hair or piece of cloth) . He must dangle a stone or needle from a thread while concentrating on the item or person sought. Glass Walkers often use maps and substitute a compass for the traditional stone and thread.
System: Standard roll. If the Garou has a piece of the item or individual, the difficulty drops by one. The rite gives the Garou a sense of only the obj ect's general location, not its exact position.
1Eye Of The Storm          
The Eye of the Storm is the physical manifestation of Archon Joel Mc Henry's unique discipline, Path of Chronomancy. Created some unknown time in the future, once it was created, it began to exist at all points in time, the physical mass itself sitting outside of the time space continuum  The inside of the structure is about equal in size to that of a large office block building, guarded by the Night watchmen, a cabal of Tremere's specifically selected by the Archon himself. The facility allows anyone within to go to any place and time they choose. Getting in however is the near impossible part, only two known ways are possible. By being sent by the Archon, or by the Kindred known as Bishop, an ally of the Archon