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Chapter 1

Journal of Matt Jacobs - 10/24/05

After a longer than expected stay in London, I am finally back home in Sydney. There is much to be done and so little time to do it in, a coterie will most likely be the most efficient way to deal with matters, either from an existing one, or a freshly made one. I will see about to it shortly, then of course lays the priority of what needs to be done, London, Los Angeles,  Jacksonville, among other places that I have been and have dipped my fingers into the cities pies. In any case, it is time to get what needs to be done, done.


Journal of Matt Jacobs - 01/23/06

Well, what can I say, a very interesting night was had tonight. I met the cities new Prince. Not that I have not met her before... Prince Morgan Riske... I will use her name that she prefers since it actually went surprisingly civil... if a few odd things out of place. Like why she did not want Caleb to know why she was in Sydney.. or why she oddly jerked back from the hand shake.. Out of propriety I did not scan her, though I easily could have. I will not use Tyler to investigate, to obvious and once again, too improper... Even for myself. This will require further exploration in any case.