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You will find on this page a list of links which lead to articles, websites e.t.c. that you might find useful to your studies. Please wait for the pages to load as some of them are pdf files and can take a few minutes to load. If you come across any broken links please mail me and let me know.

A Rationale for Oral Care
A Code of Practice For The Diagnosis of Brain Stem Death
Acute Myocardial Infarction
Acute Renal Failure
Anaesthesia Explained
World Anaesthesia Online
Assessing And Grading Pressure Ulcers
Assessment Of The Breathless Patient
Basic Life Support
Blood Cells
Blood Group Basics
Blood Transfusions A Quick Reference
Calculating Drug Dosage
Cannulation Tutorial - Emergency Nurse
Cannulation Tutorial - Sheffield University
Cardiac Failure - Guidelines For Management
Cardio-vascular Diseases
Cerebro-vascular Disease
Clinical Governance
Common Issues In Osteoporosis
Complications of Diabetes
COPD - The UK Perspective
Deep Vein Thrombosis
Department of Health - National Service Framework for Diabetes
Diseases And Conditions
Dot Pharmacy Learning Modules
E Jottings About Tissue Viability
ECG In Detail
Fractures, Dislocations, Strains and Sprains
Guidelines For Stoma Care
Head Injury
The Heart
Heart Attack
Health Promotion
Infectious Diseases Facts
Injection Administration
Introductory Anatomy
Kidney Failure
Management Of Post Operative Pain
Manic Depression
Medic Direct
Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
NSAIDs - The Clinical Issues
Oxygen Transport And The Use of Pulse Oximetry
PCAS Monitoring And Management
Practical Stoma Care
Shock And Fluids
Tips On Writing Essays
The Importance of Mouth Care in Preventing Infection
Theories of Drug Addiction
Understanding Diabetic Retinopathy
Understanding Oesophageal Varices
Urine Testing
Understanding Shock
Student BMJ
Surgery Door
Surgical Procedure For Scrubbing Up
Theories And Theorists
The Respiratory System - COPD and Emphysema
The Use Of Intravenous Therapy
Using A Syringe Driver