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Information To Pass On At Handover

Give the patients name, their age and location in the ward.

Say why they have come into hospital what their presenting symptoms are and give details of any past medical history.

Give details of any allergies, special dietary requirement e.t.c.

Give details of any current medication that patient is taking.

How are they mobilising? Do they need any help?

Are they capable of washing and dressing themselves or do they require assistance?

Are they catheterised?Constipated? UTI?

Have general/neuro obs been done?

Has a BM been done?

Has an ECG been done?

Has a ward test urine been done?

Has the patient been seen by the doctor?

Have blood gases been done?

Have blood results returned from the lab? If so what are the results?

Has the doctor ordered any medication, xrays, ultra sound e.t.c?

Are the patients family aware that he or she is in hospital?

How far is the nearest next of kin?

Does the patient need any special equipment like Kylies, bottles, bed pans, helping hands e.t.c.

Is the patient to be referred to other agencies such as physio, OT, social services or another ward e.t.c.?

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