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Hi, I'm Catherine!

Iím what you call a "mature" student! I originally trained as a secretary and have worked for British Telecom and the Insurance Industry. I am married to a soldier and we have two children, ages 15 and 13.

After my son was born I became interested in Midwifery, having grown disillusioned with working as a secretary in a "dead end job" but at that time nursing was just a dream - I didn't think I was good enough to be a nurse.

Then after my daughter was born we moved to Germany, and I began working in a kindergarten as a play co-ordinator (fancy name for classroom assistant), as jobs were very limited over there, but six years later I was managing it! We came back to the UK in 1998, and there was no way I wanted to get behind a typewriter again so I was lucky enough to get a job in a Nursing Home which I absoloutely loved! Now I know some people don't like working with the elderly, but I think they are such interesting and fascinating people with lots to offer given the chance! As I enjoyed this work so much I decided to apply to do nurse training and was accepted by the University of York!

Although it was an interest in midwifery that originally attracted me to nursing, I really enjoy general nursing. I had planned to do my general training and then go on to do the midwifery course, but I enjoy general nursing so much that I think this is definitely the branch for me. I am hoping to qualify in October this year.

I currently live in North Yorkshire, but hoping to go home to Hereford when my son leaves school next year, as thatís where my family are and I really miss them so much! I will miss Yorkshire if I go, as I love it here, the scenery is gorgeous and the people are really friendly!

Outside of my training I enjoy British history, browsing around antique shops, photography, music and spending my husbands money (hehehe).

Although I am quite shy and quiet (until I get to know people anyway) I consider myself to be a down to earth person with a caring nature, zany sense of humour, am friendly and approachable even though I have the most miserable looking face I have ever seen hehehehe!

If anyone reading this is thinking of applying to York University to train as a nurse, I would say "Go for it." The university is excellent, the tutors are fabulous and I am really glad I was accepted onto the nursing course there.

Okay, thatís your lot on me - thanks for reading!