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:: BIOS ::

Mitchell, Brendon
(Guitarist, Vocals)
Current Age: 18
Favorite Color: Red & Black
Goals: NONE
Quick Info: Brendon likes to create GFX, he is the Co-Founder of No Solution.
                 While No Solution is  merely a band, they still produce many diff
                 media... mainly Brendon does all the work... but he doesn't mind.
Fleming, John (Guitarist, Vocals)
Current Age: 17
Favorite Color: Blue
Goals: "To be the best band in the world, man!!"
Quick Info: John used to be of the jock & rap type but then slowly faded into
                 the rock scene. This transition prolly is why he is such a great
                 musician. He still listens to rap occasionally only under "certain"
                 circumstances. Co-Founder of No Solution.
Kroll, Jeff (Bass)
Current Age: 17
Favorite Color: Blue
Goals: "To try to make this band really go places"
Quick Info: Friends of Brendon and John before the band even got together.
                 Jeff has been playing the bass for quite a while and John thought
                 he would make a valuable member especially since we needed a
                 bass player for a while.