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No SkiLLz!! NaTuRaL TaLeNt...

No SkiLLz!! NaTuRaL TaLenT!

  • (NSz) Guidelines

  • {NSz} NO Camping
  • (NSz) It's just a game, have fun
  • {NSz} Dedicated to never cheat
  • {NSz} Dedicated not to use profanity
  • (NSz) Show dedication to dedication...
  • {NSz} You can't be in two clans at once if you're NSz
  • No SkiLLz... NaTuRaL TaLeNT...


    Revamping is going rreeeaal slow, Merry Christmas Everyone.
  • FULL CLIP IS BACK!!! NSz will be coming back, we just gotta get active again and it'll be no problem for us to start rankin up the scorez. This is a warning for the other clans because this is gonna be a New Year you won't forget...


    {NSz} No Skillz (Founder)
    {NSz} -=; eMpTy cLIp ;=- (Leader)
    {NSz} -=; BaD MuNNy ;=- (Supervisor)
    {NSz}-= FuLL cLiP =-
    {NSz} -=[Anthrax spore}=-
    {NSz} ApOcAlyPzE
    {NSz} -=JaCK THe RiPPeR=-

    Members able to recruit:
    {NSz} No Skillz
    {NSz} -=; eMpTy cLIp ;=-
    {NSz} -=; BaD MuNNy ;=-
    {NSz}-= FuLL cLiP =-

    Weapons Of Choice
    1)Knife 5)M4A1 (Colt) {4-3}
    2) Deagle {1-3} 6)MP5 {3-1}
    3)AK 47 {4-1} 7)Mac 10 {3-4}
    4)Commando {4-2} 8)UMP {3-5}
    9)Scout/Compact Combo {4-5/1-4}

    OH! And E-mail us and tell us your alias and stuff if you want to join...oh and also put in the subject "joining"...

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