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Ideas - new and old

In this existential,causal existence what matters most is survival,love and good sense!-------- The Philosopher asks 'Why is the top spinning?' ;while the Scientist says 'How is the top spinning ,and what is it composed of?';but the Spiritual Inquirer asks 'Where is He who set the top spinning?'----refer The music of the Cosmos has spread its harmonies near and far ; their truth and beauty we call as knowledge..........The many natural phenomena we experience are correlated by scientific experiment and analysis- but the brain does add its own degradation to the purity of the events----------- Can you use more knowledge to remove more famine, more poverty,more crime, more war,and more ecology damage on earth ??? the universe is like a well of infinite potential;he who can draw out with his pail,can obtain strength and find many secrets! ----------the words of a wise spirit from the skies"Oh sin! sin!father of countless woes,why do mortals love thee?".......Help fight hatred with love in this expanding world of knowledge and realization....... jumping from tree to tree and limb to limb of thought,like a chattering monkey art thou,o restless mind ,of mine this world is a home of enormous possibilities and infinite potential,many infinities in many infinities art Thou, O Eternal One!!.... feet of clay,with most outstanding intellect are we, and very mortal spirits indeed! ...the secrets of Eternal youth are in You,O God!,wisdom and knowledge besides,humour and music besides,love and forgiveness besides,spiritual perfection and purity besides!!!.......... two things fill me with awe - the ultra ultra large Giga Universe with its ultra ultra nano wonders and the ultra ultra wondrous brain with its ultra ability of processing patterns with its ultra parallelism and energy efficiency!!!

(1)Why did nature grow conscious in time,more and more,till the birth of man on planet earth ?
Surely, then, there must be other consciousness even higher to us,elsewhere in the Cosmos.

Scientists seek for contact with ET civilisations and Spiritualists seek for God and spiritual
beings ,more and more.Some having found him are content ,others are not so sure about spiritual
truths and experiences or are busy with mundane activities.

(2)From the vantage point of the pinnacle of the pyramid,man surveys the heavens for answers
Besides glancing backwards through the thick mists of history, or precipitiously into the future!

(3)Who am I?, what am I doing here? and where am I going? is not the query of a single living cell,
but of a profound being, man!
The meta-physical cries 'what am I?' or 'what am I for?' cannot easily be discerned or picked up from the single cell
even with advanced acoustic instruments!
But, a complex creature of 100 trillion living cells and 20 billion neurons ,walks and talks
philosophy.Asking questions and seeking answers from the infinite forms of flora and fauna on the earth and infinite
starry heavens.
Intrigued by the cosmos and the knowledge of the purpose of existence at the level of the higher or advanced being.

What of spiritual worlds apprehended by faith? can they be comprehended by reason?
Remember Teilhard de Chardin's suggestion-'maybe the base material of the physical
and spiritual worlds is the same'
Besides the purity and ethics of spirit beings, are spirit visitors to earth also subject
to the force of gravity ? Their floating above the ground level, does it indicate something
(4) So many layers of truth and knowledge in the physical world ,have been
discovered and uncovered by mankind.
Nature calls the shots and frames the rules,and man zooms to the different levels and
layers of material truth -studying the beautiful edifices of nature and finding the Universal
laws ,the 'brick-and-mortar'of the micro and macro-cosm.
The melodramatic stage of energy and all its manifold manifests-
invariably seeking the path of least resistance,or working against
all odds or performing 'random' and bizarre dances!
Such is the magic and charm of the material world we inhabit-

though you may give all its countless laws and formulae,yet
it remains the graceful ,mighty,perplexing world we live in daily!

More SAYINGS of Suresh Norman......

May the eager-to-learn high school mind be alive in you always!

Let the playground of your imagination be free from objects that clutter it,
and may new and inspiring ideas roam freely there.

If knowledge is the fine thread of reason,then technology must be the web spun with it!

In a world of fuzzy atoms,particles and fiery spirits,what is your role to your self,the Creator,and others?

The child is not one day old or one year old. It is your mind that is growing old.
For the baby everything is curiosity ,wonder and novel for at least another 20 years!



UNITS of Measurement
SI Units

CV5(Document Download)

Late news (February 1993)
An incident that occurred several years ago , led to a brainwave that inspired an interesting method of solving the trisection problem.
I was waiting for a bus at Irtupaliyam ( a village that is situated about 3 Kilometers from Karunya Institute of Technology,Coimbatore)
when none less than a tree-twig provided food for thought!
After listlessly playing with the twig and inscribing patterns on the sand , the twig snapped in my hand and the three sections of twig
became the seed of a possible solution to the trisection problem.
A few weeks later i did integrate the idea into an iterative geometry construction and i was able to share this discovery with a few.
Though it is one more attempt of a trisection solution(?), it led to a theorem that i mention below.

Theorem of symmetric rotations : For any given straight
line divided into three equal line segments, the
perpendicular bisector of the middle segment is the
locus of all points at which the other two lines
subtend equal angles, as they rotate symmetrically
about the end points of the middle segment.

Corollary of the theorem : For any given
angle ,there must exist three equal and joined straight
lines such that the bisector of the angle is the
perpendicular bisector of one of the lines while the
other two lines subtend equal angles at the vertex of
the given angle and their ends lie on either arm of the

Trisection Construction

Trisection Analytical engine

Conclusion/New definition of circle

Articles by Mr. C D Norman (Retired
Physics Teacher,84 years, Bombay Scottish High School).Mr.
Norman now leads a quiet retired existence
with wife Mrs. Padmavathi Anbu,and churns out
Keepsake volumes etc. annually.

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There is
No Light without Darkness
No Life without Death
No Love without Hate
No Warmth without Cold
No Joy without Sorrow
No Right without Wrong
No Success without Failure
No Peace without Struggle

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