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The Ships of

William Murdoch

White Star burgee Murdoch: RMS Medic, 1900. White Star burgee

William Murdoch, son of a Scottish merchant marine captain, is best known for his role in the sinking of the Titanic. He had an illustrious career, spanning two-dozen years, yet his final voyage seems to have erased all of that.

Even while still in school, William had shown brightly. This was demonstrated time and again from graduating at the top of his high school class to passing his required mariner's exams on the first attempt. Rising through the ranks quickly, William found himself building an impressive career. Based upon his professionalism, genuine talent, and deep sense of duty, he was expected to attain the rank of captain and truly walk in his father's footsteps.

This site is dedicated to the ships that William Murdoch served on. These vessels were not only his workplace, but his home as well. On one he would meet his closest friend, who also sailed on the Titanic, and on another he would meet his future wife.

It was on these ships that William Murdoch's career gained so much contemporary notoriety. It was on them that he became known for his cool and pleasant demenour as well as his determined and unshakable style.

The Ships of William Murdoch is presented as a tribute to his career and to the man who sailed them.

anchorThe Life of William Murdoch    A biography I've written. Currently under construction.
anchorWilliam Murdoch's Fleet    Pictures of the ships from his career.
anchorSea Time    Dates spent on each ship, by voyage.
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