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Welcome to 18thAB Modding World, the website is currently under construction but will soon be fully opened.

The aims of this site are to collect together in one place some of the best mods for Medal of Honour Allied Assault, created by some of the best modders out there, and also a place for the recognition of the modders that belong to the 18th Airborne Battalion MOHAA Clan.

Please feel free to check out the website and send feedback to the admin team telling us what you think about the site and/or what you would like to see added in future updates.

Thanks Swordfish - Head Admin  Contact

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The site

bulletSite updated to include affiliates and links.
bulletFiles Section Added.
bulletMain Page Revamped.
bulletNew Logo Added.
bulletProfiles Section Added.

MOHAA community

bullet MOHAA Breakthrough Exp for PC






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