ParaDisE BeaCH Version #1
WOW... i just realized that i havent updated this site in about a year.. WOW.. i almost dont want to touch n e thing... old memories..:S

Wow last time i wrote in here i was getting ready for my final days of high school .. funny how i noticed that there was nothing written about mark.. and i find that weird how he was such an important part of my life then.. this was before i went to my prom.. so much has happened and i realize that i may not even have pdated everyone one on it.. So heres the Fast update... Graduated High School those 15 days later.. went to prom.. got a second job. I ended up WITH mark that summer.. i moved to regina in septemeber had some good times.. moved home.. got back with mark.. broke up with mark... ryan.. then and NOW... Jon.. and now i work at a pizza shop in the middle of downtown. i still talk to mark we are very very very close now.. and im planning on going back to university in January.. wow so much has happened..!!!!!UPDATES!!!!!



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