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Patrick Lukeman's Online Photo Album.


Last Updated: July 26, 2006.

The house is coming along great. Check out the progress as I continue to update the website.

The summer of 2003 a bunch of us went on a white water rafting trip in Golden, B.C. To most of us it was our second trip but for a few it was their first. Either way, we all had a blast. Take a look at the pics. The second picture has everyone's name, in case you care. And here is another bunch of pictures taken with Amanda's camera.

Nova Scotia is definately the coolest place to live, visit, drive through, be born, or even just see pictures of. For those of you who were never here and those that just want to see it again, here are some cool views and sites.

The fall of 2002 was a great time for a trip home. Shane and Roxanne got marrried so everyone headed home. We were lucky enough to get to go out fishing and here are the pics.

Here is a list of picture pages that may be of interest:

My beautiful neice/Goddaughter

Just hanging out

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