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Impressions of Louisiana
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More Information about Naomi:
Naomi began taking photos when she was about 10 or 11 years old. Her Father, George started her off with his fascination about cameras and mechanical things in general. In college, she borrowed a friend's SLR camera(Pentax ME Super) and started taking pictures of her fellow classmates playing football,etc. Her niece and nephew were also great subjects when then were small and starting playing sports, especially soccer.

She has since upgraded her camera equipment, as well as her knowledge base. However, she continues to learn more and more daily...

She feels that the great State of Louisiana is a natural for a good subject in Photography, and as an ART form Photography, she believes, is a way to preserve the beauty of the past and present for future generations to come...

Naomi grew up in the New Orleans and attended Lutheran Schools (K-8). Her higher education began with Benjamin Franklin Senior High School and then Concordia Lutheran College, Michigan, and then she graduated from the University of New Orleans.
She received her BS degree in P.E in '87 and her Master's degree in '92. She has been a resident of St. Tammany Parish and an Adapted Physical Education Teacher (P.E. for children with special needs) for the St. Tammany Parish School System since 1987.

Photography of the many wonders of the great State of Louisiana, Early Childhood Education and Development as well as pet ownership are among her interests. She gives credit to her Father, George for starting her interest in photography at an early age and her Mom for continuing the dream, and hopes that others can enjoy her photography.


In 1997, she won two contests. One was sponsored by the St. Tammany Art Association (STAA), Jack Swanson Exhibit and the other was sponsored by the Louisiana Office of Tourism, which was published in the Louisiana Life Magazine in the Spring issue 1998. She has also completed some work for the Chamber of Commerce in Slidell for their local Tourist publications. In 1999, she won third place(color) of the Jack Swanson Photographic Institute's tenth competition with a piece entitled "Southern Shadows". She had her worked published on the front of the Bellsouth Real Yellowpages for the St. Tammany Parish Area.

On occassion, Naomi has donated her Photography skills, for local Charity events. These include Christmas Under the Stars (along with SPC members, photographs of 200 children with Santa and Mrs. Claus); Heritage Festival Photographs, Artistic Encounter Photographs, and donations of framed work for the Tammany Trace, Habitat for Humanity, and Slidell Community Playground fundraisers.

In the past, she has held a membership in the Slidell Photography Club. Currently, she is a member of the St. Tammany Art Asoociation, and the Slidell Art League. Recently, after joining the Slidell Art League, she won 2nd Place in the Photography Div. of the Membership Show and Thursday night, 10/24/02 she won 2nd place in the monthly competition.

Photography, she feels, cannot only be a work of Art, but it can help to preserve the beauty of the past and the present for future generations.

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