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I Hate Rude Old People

I was recently in a department store waiting in a long ass line, after observing the attitudes of several senior citizens who were upset with the long wait, I asked myself "what fucking reason do these old fuckers have to get mad over a small problem like waiting in line during the holliday season?" Fuck you old people. I wish I could punch each one of those old bitter people who are rude to retail workers for no justified reason right in their face. I'm sorry if you have to wait an extra 5 minutes in line, it's obvious that it's the single mom's fault who is making 6 dollars an hour and working her ass off as a cashier, not her employers who don't hire enough people. God forbid you old fuckers will be 5 minutes late to bingo, or the movie I'm seeing where you will no doubt talk during the whole thing and cough your ass off everytime there is important dialogue. Fuck off old people, you have no right to talk shit to people just because they delay your busy schedule.