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Jamie Foxx Better Win The Oscar

ENOUGH SAID! Jamie Foxx gave the greatest performance of the year in RAY. BY FAR! The only reason he wouldn't win is because the academy is a bunch of racist pricks. Jamie Foxx owns everyone this year. I heard this one prick bitch say that Jamie Foxx shouldn't win the Oscar because he did an "impersonation" and didn't create the character from his heart. Fuck you bitch that's just an excuse to keep the black man down. Here's why the other people shouldn't win. Johnny Depp, you may be one tight ass actor, but you don't deserve an oscar, if your part was played by Joe McBoner no one would have gave a fuck about some peter pan movie. Leonardo Dicaprio can suck my ass, you did an "impersonation" also, but the thing is, no one gives a fuck about who you impersonated and you didn't pull it off like my boy Jamie did. Don Cheadle close second, but the fact that Jamie Foxx did an amazing job as a supporting actor as a cab driver, pushes him over the top, along with the fact that now when I open my memory to see Ray Charles I see Jamie Foxx(Will Smith Ali style). And finally Clint Eastwood, basically you aren't a star of my generation, you do have amazing talent, yes, but take your best director award and fuck off, get off JAMIE FOXX's AWARD.