Destruction of (sub-)humans

Through that way, would be great losses, when thinking about the possibilities with potential slaves and such. (Though their existence would almost certainly make races mix again and again etc. there's always somebody/someone...)
Still believing into your own race, people, intelligence and many other things, would(/could) build up an working society(/empire?) No matter where, all around the world. I'm sure it/they could manage to live with the atmosphere, with time at least... and get the society(/empire?) to blossom. There wouldn't be that much of decadence creating matters.

The (final?) solution would please "everyone"(well, the ones who would be alive..) Even if they wouldn't admit it. First one would be the obvious one, they're still alive and well. World would be left alone, not entirely... but it would make a big difference to it and to us. Air wouldnt be wasted by some useless sub-humans, neither would the water be used by them. (...wonder what would be the best way to exterminate them? Burning the corpses is NOT an option...would be good to leave their corpses in "good" shape and feed them to animals(?). Not that much factories needed to pollute. (Lots of saving the air/WOOD there and water though(heavily related to that air with woods)) The "future" much talked "water-wars" would be "history". That matter would not be relevant, if things would they should be.

Definitions to those worthless beings are(or should be) clear. Jews,xtians,muslims,niggers etc. etc. and yes, lot of these so called "white" people. No racetraitors, no commies etc. would not be allowed. Those so called sheep, "people" with no mind of them own(...most of them) would be a bigger matter... just should be aware how much of white people are like that? Are they needed? Would that mentality be genetic , would their children be like that? Yes, there might be "usage" for those people, but if they'd have to be "brainwashed" to follow "THE sheep", it would have no meaning(?). Just sheep being what its "right" to be , with no mind of their own.

Science(,medical), technology and all those matters wouldn't be forgot, they'd still be there. Getting more advanced than ever(though the fact is that all that moves faster when there's war/wars going on, there shouldn't be any of those happening.)

End of part one... (...written over a year ago...)
part II ...Advanced thinking(?)

Now, coming to think of it(/these things...)

I read my past thoughts again, been a while when I felt this way. Don't know what happened there... now I feel like myself again, weird. Anyways, to the point.. I found some huge discrepancies, I really should have noticed those before...time changes things and makes wiser...(or should at least) (-Psychological matter and such..)

That past slave etc. matter was the first one. What use would it be? Nothing. It would just make people more lazier than they are now.It would be "against" the whole point/idea(/and yeah, u-t-o-p-i-a). How would be "evolve"/change, by that way? They wouldn't, things would just get the same, all would be lost(...again) People should get more independent, more active. Nothing changes if you put someone else to do your job (this somehow reminds me of the Simpsons. "Do a half-assed job, its the American way" that means though that you'd actually do your job...) You cant give the "power" away, if youre so depentend with some others, you'll become weak(er). It would be in the hands of the slaves to do "everything", not on yours. "Your own" "empire", built for you, by some others. Makes no sense. Where's the glory? There is none. One thing wrong with people, is that they're lazy. Who can blame them though? Do a shitty job, only to get money, to get along. Working needs to have a "passion" of some sort. Not just "I need to do this, to get money". Sure it would be a lot different, if you were working for a "new world"(...that sounds like...well commie(/hippie) talking, sic...) And people rely on computers/machines to do their work. To mowe their lawn etc. (ok, a weak example, you get the point though) Things should be done by own hands. Not just by watching the drawings of a building and ordering some certain "people" to do it. Healthy society cant rely everything to the hands of the slaves.

That thing heavily questions the technology... What would be the relevant and intelligent options to work with? "Technology=easier living". In a way good, in a way really bad... Now easy living just means, to sit on the couch, watch the "zogbox" and get brainwashed and things like that(and no, I don't think all programs are manipulating and if so, you can tell and ignore those things..)

(-Medical science)
Billions of people lost, I think makes it "easier" ( I forgot to use people as "labrats" on that slave-thing...) Yes, the new drugs would be tested too, but I think the point with that was pretty clear. Most of worlds population...gone. Not that many people to let bacteria to...evolve into new viruses and such. This way, diseases and viruses (some of them) would..."die". Yes, there would be new ones, but with the "lack" of people to get "infected" etc. the risk of finding them would be much smaller, than it is now. (AIDS...yeah, niggers ate chimps...sure... MONKEY(S) FUCKED ANOTHER MONKEY(S)!) And it would be more natural to let people die to some certain diseases, than just eat drugs for the rest of their lives. Same thing with those "vegetables" who are only alive, because machines keep them alive. (Yes, there should be "time limit" on this one. A person can wake from a coma, but waiting it for 5 years..... just an example)

This is the thing, what most likely will destroy everything in time... We humans are so great and intelligent... When muslims, jews, xtians are cut from the game(and other "too" related to those). Its just a matter of time, when some other religion becomes the dominant one and "crusades" etc. begin again.

(-Media, entertainment etc. )
With the jews gone, series/movies etc. would pretty much die. In short time, there would be a new "Hollywood" though. That thing is certain and there's nothing wrong with. Movies/series are healthy and good way to spend time(sometimes...) This subject is indeed funny. Wonder if the "first" movies would be just full of propaganda (...Heil the 3rd reich(and ok, movies are still brainwashing, but the point is clear). True, its a bit mystery what the minority of people, who are still alive want to see. Its certain that the interests still would be the "same". No matter how the anti-semites whine that "Jews only show us porn, mixed races together, drug abuse, boozing and violence, what people start(ed?) admire and all those things "to make people dumber, to settle to only to that". Still, those are a issue in the world, would it be then? Yes, but not as much as now, but still. Alcohol will be in people's hearts, no matter what. Sex is a part of life(and it is great entertainment to many, still talking about movies), so is violence. Its just realistic but still, no idea to "brag" about those.

As said before, it would be left alone, not entirely though, but compared to its present treatment... Values towards nature should be restored. What makes a person to loathe nature, animals and all that? There should be more "wild nature" out there and if things would change, there would. No need to conquer on and on again. Don't need that, not much people. Buildings and all those would be left though, or their ruins or so. Would require lots of work, but as I've said before. Have to be optimistic with this one(Hope in mankind? For a short while, yes. It wont last, hope and mankind. Both will crack, when other cracks, other does too). Close to extinct animals even might be saved, not all but certainly more than now. Even though "might is right", why not let it be like that then? Let the nature kill us, in it's ways. Killing the nature and ourselves with it is not an option. It doesn't follow that (now cliche) line.

"Habitat"... Thousands of useless skyscrapers, just waste of material. Not to be demolished the easiest way, but to gather the "sources" from it/those. Lots of stone, glass etc. what would be valuable. Those needed to be teared down, but with time and effort. The perverted "cities" in this so "modern" world are absurd, a joke. Could work, but doesn't. and yes, this is not ready.