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Wotans Reich



Wotans Reich Distribution is a distro mainly to distribute  NSBM and NS-Viking Metal. We are willing to trade with other distros and bands, if you want to distribute your records with us.

Please contact us for trading and buying:

Wotans Reich Distribution

Rosokuja 3 E 19/2

70150 Kuopio

Suomi Finland


by e-mail:


Distribution List



Eisenfaust - Ihmisjahti (demotape '03, raw NSBM from Finland,lim. 50 copies, 4 euro)

Ravensign - ...And The Older Horns Shall Sing... (demotape '02, raw viking metal from Finland, no limit, 4 euro)

Rautahaamu(ex-Eisenfaust)/Lysets Tod - split tape'03(raw NSBM from Finland, limited to 88 copies, 4 euro)



Ravensign - Brotherhood Of Heathen Heritage (demoCDr'03, raw viking metal from Finland, 4 euro)