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North Sydney Community Forum

North Sydney Forum Schedule The North Sydney Community Forum has been in the arena ice facility business since 1947. During that time, the building has gone through three different owner/operators. The citizens of North Sydney, through the appointed Forum Society, have operated the arena since 1982.

“The Forum” has been identified as a major recreation facility within the North Sydney area, if not the only recreation facility during the winter months. The building has been used for all manner of health and recreation for all ages. The Kinsmen Club calls the Martel Room, which overlooks the ice surface, home for their meetings and functions. Minor Hockey, Figure Skating, the Memorial Marauders, and the Memorial Mystics share the arena time with the many less organized groups who enjoy the Forum’s great ice and smooth floor surface. Adult skating during the week has been a fixture at the forum for many years, and the two meeting rooms are used by many organizations from the area through out the year.

The summer is a slower part of the year for the forum, but July is usually a busy month with Bartown days, Kinsmen activities, and Forum sponsored dances taking place. Don’t forget wrestling, which is a common summer night occurrence at the Forum. In North Sydney, the Forum is also the site of choice for many parades or the alternate site for any rain delayed activities in the area.

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