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Official Announcemant Of A New Halflife Mod: Area 51

Creator: Matt Reed (Que)
Website URL:
Mail to:

Below is an announcement that was orginally designed for release in the Halflife Forum at

We, Quest Productions and another group Halflife 101 have joined together to create a new group "Project 101". We are pleased to announce that we are in the first design stages of a new modification for halflife.

This mod will be called "Area 51", and the missions are talored around this idea. You will play Gorden Freeman a ongoing episode saga set just minites after the original Halflife.

At the end of the original halflife you chose to follow the G-Man through the portal, and now you must face upto the conciquences. In Halflife the g-man was only overseeing the running of the facility but now your on his home ground - the official headquaters of his organisation, the same organisation that nearly killed you when they sabotaged your experiment, and saved you (although through force) at the end, and know you work for them. They are "Majestic 12".

You are to enter the military base and steal a top-secret experimental weapon from the goverment for them while the g-man creates a "distraction".....

If you are interested in helping to make this mod contact me, Matt at

At the moment we need the following:
3 Mappers
2 Coders
3 Modellers/Skinners
& A website designer (free working of course)

Any help will be very much appreciated

This is our first mod and hopefully it will be succesful.
If you have any ideas or suggestions about the mod or you would like to join our little team please contact me, Matt at
I always answer all my emails, no matter how stupid :)

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This website will be updated very soon so keep coming back for more updates!

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