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stephen's profile

date of birth: nov 13, 1975
location of birth: Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
status: single

My early interests included music and I eventually studied jazz bass (upright) for a year in college. My departure from college marked a six year period in my life which might be labelled "the radical years" which found me seeking an escape from highly organized modern society by a return to the human past. During these years I questioned all my inherited beliefs, read philosophy, and attempted to learn simple living skills such as farming, house building and wild plant identification. My general stance was anti-technological.

I now recognize myself to be in a stage of synthesis, attempting to bridge and harmonize past and future, primitive and modern. No longer anti-technological but seeing the danger in an awesome technical power wielded by unwise humans. No longer glorifying earlier human societies but attempting to learn from their examples and avoid their mistakes.

My most continuous interests include music and amateur botany.
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