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FIC(Federation of Intentional Communities) - links to hundreds of communities world wide plus community building resources
Garden O' Vegan - a forming family-based, ethically-vegan community in Hawai'i
Monos Escondidos - forming community in Costa Rica

Tropical Agriculture

Echo(Ecological Concerns for Hunger Organization) - a great source for plant info, seeds and plant material. Offers free seeds and quarterly newsletter to those doing developement work in the tropics.
Plants for a Future - a vast site of plant info.
Purdue University - another vast site with info on hundreds of tropical plants.


Art of Travel - resources for around the world travel
Belize Info - info on real estate, investment, jobs
Permapak - designs for using solar energy, adobe oven, water filter
Solar Cooking - designs for solar stoves and ovens
SunGravity - info on using solar energy, making a cistern, filtering water