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The Land

Written in April 2002

We are located on a remote piece of government land in the Maya Mountain foothills of Belize. The land is surrounded by unclaimed government land with a large nature reserve to the north and an even larger nature reserve to the south. Even though we are already living on the land, we are, like the majority of rural Belizians, still in the process of obtaining a lease for it.

There is a half mile hike on a very steep zigzagging path to the commune center from the end of a dirt road accessible by truck.

The commune site is a topographical "saddle point", at the top of one hill and in the valley of two others. There are many house-sized boulders, overhanging limestone cliffs, sink holes and caves between which there are small areas of food-growing land. The cliff overhangs and caves can be converted into dry living spaces.

It is an easy 20 minute walk from the commune center to a year round creek for swimming, but most of the walk back is up the steep path.

About 3 miles away, in "The Valley" there are 3 Mennonite families living along side 1 Mayan family, 2 Canadian families and 4 US families.

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