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How to Get to a garden

From Belize City take the west bound bus to Belmopan where you will probably have to switch busses to head towards San Ignacio or Melchor. Ask the driver to let you off at Georgeville. From Georgeville there is a dirt road, the Mountain Pine Ridge Road heading off in the mountains towards Barton Creek. From there we usually hitch hike. Mennonites will take you in their wagons if you ask and if it is late in the day when you reach their community they will gladly offer you a place to sleep for the night.There is a short cut through the Cool Shade Orange Orchard to Barton Creek and if you come in that way at the Cross Roads you'll want to turn left to head down to the creek. If you come in from on the Upper Barton Creek Road you continue straight at the Cross Roads. From the Mountain Pine Ridge Road it is 2 miles to the Cross Roads and then another 4 miles to a garden. After you cross the creek twice you will be at the enterance to Barton Creek Cave. *From the Barton Creek Cave you continue on the dirt road and cross the creek again. After crossing the creek you will pass a wooden thatch house, with orchards behind it. If you walk past the house on the road there will be a grassy road running along the edge of the orchard, on the other side of the road there is pasture. Take the grassy road to where it dead ends. You will be at the bottom of a steep hill. Take the path that leads up the hill. After roughly a 20 minute walk you will reach the enterance to a garden. From there you should see fruit trees and within 4 minutes come to the commune center and our camp.

It may be easier to take the bus all the way to San Ignacio and ask a driver taking tourists to the Barton Creek Cave (we usually offer them $3 for the ride) and that will get you to within 2 miles of a garden. Then follow directions from *.

-- We ask everyone visiting us to dispose of hazardous waste, such as batteries, properly and take whatever they bring to a garden back with them. --

Some Things You Might Want to Bring