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How to Get to Belize

Updated April 2003

Prices given in US dollars

.....BY JET PLANE..... Belize City has an international airport. In 2001 a return flight from Canada to Belize was ~$500. One-way from Florida to Belize was $270. Flying to Cancun, Mexico can be very cheap, and then a 5-6 hour bus ride will get one to Belize. I don't know prices from elsewhere in the world, but international flights usually go through Houston,Texas or Miami, Florida.

.....BY BUS..... Greyhound offers cheap tickets to anywhere in the USA if the ticket is purchased 1 week in advance, thus one can reach Brownsville, Texas for $49-$109. (I have found that many Greyhound drivers and clerks treat their customers like a lower species.) From Brownsville one can cross the border into Matamoros, Mexico and get on a first class luxury bus to Chetumal, Mexico for $110. The bus through Mexico makes it in about 34 hours driving time with only a few stops. This bus has more leg room than Greyhound, has moderate AC, televisions, and a bathroom. On cheaper buses, Chetumal could be reached for about $50. From Chetumal to Belize City the bus is about $6 or $8, and from Belize City to the village nearest a garden on the Western Highway is another $3 or so.

.....BY HITCH HIKING..... Hitch hiking in Mexico is about as easy as the USA on average, however, there are sections that are super easy (ie. people offered me rides 3 times in a row before I could ask) and other sections that seem to have no traffic (ie. In Escarcega I waited for 11 hours but only full vehicles were bound for Chetumal so I got on a bus.)

.....BY TRAIN..... Train travel in Mexico is cheaper than the luxury buses but seems complicated and sometimes uncomfortable (ie. standing for 7 hours). There is no train in Belize.

.....BY FREIGHT SHIP..... From Tampa, Florida one can sometimes get on a freight ship destined for Big Creek, Belize. I think the company sends two ships per week. The cost is ~$250 one-way.

.....BY SAILING..... Sailing is the most eco-friendly way to travel to Belize. Boats usually head south starting in October and may be able to take helpful crew. In the summer there is always the risk of a hurricane in the Caribbean.

.....BY CRUISE SHIP STYLE FERRY..... From Tampa, FL between November and April a ferry makes 2 runs/week to Merida, MX (a 10 hr bus ride from Belize). Cost is $100/passenger and $150/vehicle.

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