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Updated April 2002

One of our aims is to continually improve the accomodations for our members and visitors. Presently the options are primitive and limited.

1.A Screen Tent: We have 2 screened tents, each with a sponge mattress. These tents are sheltered from rain and remain erected awaiting the arrival of visitors. Howler monkey families can often be seen high in the trees in this area.

2. Igloo Cave: For those wishing to experience a natural shelter, Igloo Cave, an igloo-sized cave near the kitchen is an option. We would recommend that those using this cave have a fumeless lamp as it is poorly illuminated by natural lighting. This cave is very dry.

3.Large, Bright Unnamed Caves: Up a hill through the forest are a series of open-air caves, well illuminated and very spacious. In heavy rains some areas will drip, though plenty of space remains dry.

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