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The 21 Day Student Program

Updated April 14 2003

Needed Skills and Experience Evaluation

If you have scored under 200 on the Needed Experience and Skills Evaluation and you want to visit us for an extended time, the 21 day student program may be what you are looking for. Even if you have scored more than 200 on the NESE you may still visit as a student.

The visitor program is being offered on the following dates:

July 29 - Aug 18
Aug 27 - Sept 16
Nov 23 - Dec 13

Jan 21 - Feb 10
Feb 19 - Mar 10
Mar 19 - Apr 8

A minimum of 3 students are required to run the program and we are presently unable to accomodate more than 5 students. The cost is US$250 per student or Bz$550 per student. Students are provided with camping space, hot (bucket) showers, 2 big vegetarian (vegan) meals/day, 3 observational walks, 18 classroom sessions, 14 instructional field work sessions, and an afternoon caving expedition. Depending on the season and projects already in progress students will learn:

Students should bring: