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Hey, Dorthy what's up? Remember when I told you about articles that I read about Chris that I got in an e-mail and I wanted you to read them so I am temporarily doing this! It's the only thing that I could think of! Make sure you stay on the page long enough, to hear the sound clip I have on this page! You'll love it!

Magazine:Chris do you have a girlfriend?

Chris: I wish! We actually probably would if we had the time.

Magazine:So do you wish you did?

Chris:(Looks surprised) YES!! I really wish I did. Someone in Orlando who I could come home to. That's really hard though to find someone like that. She'd have to deal with me being away all the time and coming home unannounced. I don't think many girls would put up with that!

Magazine:I bet they would!, lol

Chris:(Smiles) Yeah, maybe!

Magazine:So what kind of girl does Chris Kirkpatrick look for?

Chris:Someone who knows what she wants. I think independence is a sexy trait! I'm not into girls who are really into vanity, I don't think. If she spends too much time on herself, she's not for me. Someone spontaneous and GOOD sense of humor!

Magazine:So what is life really like on the road?

Chris:We have a blast. We're like brothers, we're all still in shock. This is like the best job in the world, to get travel the world and get paid to do it.

Magazine:Who is the sloppiest?

Chris:(Laughs) I'd say it's a tie between me and Joey. Joey is worse, though. He leaves food wrappers everywhere. We always know who to yell at if we step in something sticky. We have to tell him to use the garbage can.

Magazine:5 men and one bathroom...what is that like?

Chris:Don't forget we have our whole entourage. The tour bus bathroom sucks. Only a few of us in the band will use it. Like Joey and Justin. The rest of us will wait until we stop off somewhere.

Magazine:Why only Joey and Justin?

Chris: Because Joey just don't care and Justin has a small bladder. He won't admit it though. (Justin is in the room and throw Chris a nasty glance)

Magazine: What is it like living on a bus?

Chris: It's odd. It took a while to get used to. All of us were car sick the first week. You have to learn to sleep with your feet facing the front of the bus so if it slams to a stop, you don't knock your head.

Magazine:Would you ever get a tatoo?

Chris: Heck yeah!

Magazine:Would you ever date a girl from another country?

Chris: Probably not, because that would be too hard to keep up. I'd prefer someone in Florida. Saying anything else wouldn't be honest. (Eyes get wide) Will I get in trouble for this??

Magazine: What's the strangest music you've ever heard?

Chris:I was in this club in Denmark and they played music that sounded like chainsaws. Everyone got into it and I was just like, "What?"

Magazine:Would you rather die poor or unloved?

Chris: I'll be politically correct and say poor. (Laughs)