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Welcome to Sharon's Student Nurse LPN Page

Graduate Nurse LPN
Wallace State Comm. College
Cullman, Alabama


December 30, 2001

The Long Term Care page is now up & running.

Graduated August 10, 2000

I Passed the NCLEX!!!!!

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These pages will be undergoing some major construction in the next few weeks.

Please be patient as I redesign them.

Thank You!!!

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Wallace State Community College

The Best of the Best

And Heads Above the Rest

Welcome to my homepage!

I graduated from WSCC in August, 2000. I am currently working for a physican in Family Practice.

I am a 38 year old mother of 2 girls ages 9 & 13 . I hope to eventually make this a very informative site for students and professionals of the Nursing Profession. I will be adding many more links and info as time permits. I try to get on the computer for a couple of hours every day.

If you should have any suggestions or comments about this site please email me. To all of the students out there ( Give it all you've got! You can achieve anything you wish!)

Good luck in all of your endeavors! We can all make a difference in the lives of others. I hope that you enjoy your visit , please come back!

The 2 Nursing Prayers on this page are from GeoNurse

The Licensed Practical Nursing Program is usually a 1 year/ 3quarter program. This will vary from college to college & state to state. The following is just to give you a general idea of what the course involves, based on my own experience.

First Quarter

Fundamentals of Nursing

This is where you will cover the history of nursing, documentation,cultures, it generally also has a lab class with it that will cover skills, such as bed making, bed baths, injections, IVs, catheters, Vital signs, 5 rights of medication administration, etc.

Pharmacology Math

This is where you learn drug calculation, they place major importance on this course. It is usually a pass or fail, as they generally have a math proficiency test that you will have 2 chances to achieve a set percentage. You will learn drug calculation formulas such as ratio vs porportion, desired over have. Also conversions in metric, household, apothecary.


You will learn about the human body and how it functions, they will also teach this from a nursing perspective, so when you test you will also know what your interventions would be.


This is required. We were given to chances to pass the CPR test.


If you have not had an English or basic math class in a while. Or do not place high enough on placement testing you will also have a basic math class, and an English grammar class.

Second Quarter

Adult Health 1 ( Med Surg)

This is where you will start to learn about the different disease processes & disorders of the human body, you will also learn drugs, interventions, etc.


Here you will learn about pregnancy, conception, all the stages of pregnancy, labor & delivery, Care of the mother & infant, Disease processes of pregnancy, again you will learn specific drugs, tests, interventions.


Here you will learn about nursing of children, specific disease processes, growth & development, drugs, interventions, etc.

Psychosocial Nursing

This class taught us communication in nursing, awareness of cultural differences.


Depending on the college you will either have a seperate drug class or it will be intergrated into the MED Surg. You will learn some specific drugs, mostly you will learn by drug classification, side affects, how each drug class works in the body, interventions, precautions for drug use.

Third Quarter

Adult Health 2

This is a continuation of Adult Health 1

Mental Health

You will learn about the mind & it's disorders, drugs for use in mental health, assessment, interventions.

Roles Transition

This class is focused on moving from a student to a nurse.

Thank You for visiting!

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