My Wonderland ~ Ya Ya The Turtle ~ by Norma Stevens



We are being put out on the shelf for some little boy or girl to come and take us home with them. come a mother and dad with their baby boy. Oh, the little baby is reaching for me saying, I am so happy to belong to someone. The mother and dad are calling their baby Jeff.I belong to Jeff. Wonderful!! I belong to Jeff.

Opps! Baby food on me. This is alright Jeff. You have to learn to eat. Oh, Oh, Oh......... a leaky diaper on me. Oh well, I will wash.

Yes Jeff -- As you grow older Jeff you will learn to say more words. -- I do not feel very well today. I have a cold and my nose is running and I ache all over, said Jeff. I know Jeff. Hold me and rest in bed. You sure are growing up quickly.

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother and grandfather's house we go.... Isn't it fun Ya Ya going to the country to visit my grandparents.

There is a rabbit running. I see a red bird. Hi Mr. Red Bird.

I like the cows and the chickens at grandparents house. Oh Jeff, this is so much fun being your friend. We do so much together. ----I am growing up. Today I start to school and you know what........ I cannot take you to school with me. I have to learn things like Aa Bb Cc and 1+1." I know Jeff. You go on and learn all you can. I will be home waiting for you and when you come home, you can tell me all about your day in school.

Ya Ya, I am now in the third grade and almost grown up. Would it be alright if I laid you on the table beside me at night? I still love you.

........there is so much to learn. I am in sports now playing high school basketball. The older I get the more I have to learn and try harder. I know Jeff, but remember we have 60 seconds in a minute,60 minutes in an hour, and 24 hours in a day. Take one day at a time and give it your best.

Thanks Ya Ya. I can always count on you. You have been my best friend.

............ I am now off to college. I have been learning so much over these years. You have helped me by just always being there for me. You have been through so much with me. You have chocolate stains still on you, a hole that needs fixing and some stuffing has come out of you. Also, your coat has become faded. l8 years has been a long time. You need a rest. You will have your favorite spot in the middle of my bed.

YaYa, I love you. Bye Jeff, "I love you too."

Ohhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm, I am getting a little tired. I think that I will lay back in my favorite spot on the bed and relax. l8 years has been a long time, but a wonderful time.

From Ya Ya ...... To all the Toppies, Doh Doh's, Baby Babies, Fluffies, or any other stuffed toys, isn't it wonderful to make some little boy or girl happy?!!!