My Wonderland ~ Woo Sing And The Mirror





One day Woo Sing's Father brought home a
Mirror from the great city.

Woo Sing had never seen a mirror before.
It was hung in the room while
She was out to play,
So when she came in she did not
Understand what it was
And thought she saw another girl.

This made her very happy
For she thought the girl had
Come to play with her.

She spoke to the stranger
In a very friendy way,
But received no reply.
She laughed and waved her hand
At the girl in the glass
Who did the same thing,
In exactly the same way.

Then Woo Sing thought,
"I will go closer.
It may be that she does not hear me."

But when she bagan to walk,
The other girl imitated her.
Woo Sing stopped to think about
These strange actions, and said
To herself, "This girl mocks me;
She does everything that I do,"
The more she thought about it,
The angrier she became, and soon she
Noticed that the girl became angry too.

So Woo Sing grew very much enraged
And struck the girl in the glass,
But she only hurt her hand and she went
Crying to her father.

The father said, "The girl you saw was
Your own image. This should
Teach you an important lesson.
Try not to lose your temper with
Other people. You struck the girl
In the glass and hurt yourself.

"Now remember this in real life,
When you strike without cause you
Will hurt yourself most of all."

Adapted from The Moral Compass
by William J. Bennett