My Wonderlad ~ Woodward



Hello to you.

My name is Woodward. I am a doll and here is my story.

I am glad that I am a doll. When you finish reading my story, you will understand why I am glad that I am a doll and not real.

I belonged to a little baby boy. But, I had a different name. Then I was given to a Grandma. Well, she named me Woodward. A friend of Grandma gave me to her.

Grandma would say, she knew why God did not give Grandmas babies as they would loose them and not find them. Well, this is why I am glad to be a doll. I got lost.

I could hear Grandma say, as she walked down the hall, "Woodward, where did I put you?"

Every time that Grandma would come by the closet, I would say, "Here I am. Here I am," but being a doll, no one could hear me.

I did not want to be put in a closet for weeks and not be found, even though I am a doll."

But, I was found and was I ever glad.

Now, I am a lucky doll as I am on Grandma's desk and hope that I will never be put in a closet again.

I am being entertained on the desk by the bird, that flies around the house all the time and not in his cage; also by the dog which sits on Grandma's lap when she is on the computer and the dog wondering what I am doing on the desk.

The dog and bird get very close to me and there may be just a little thought of how good the closet was, and quiet, but then I really like being out in the open with everyone . People now say, "What is this on the desk?" Grandma will answer, "It is a long story."

And it is a long story, but a happy one.

I am a lucky doll!

By Norma Stevens