mY wONDERLAND ~ Toby The Pound Pupppy ~ by Norma Stevens


Yap, Yap, Yap, Yap, Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark... Doesn't anyone hear me? I want out of this cage! I never should have taken a walk by myself because I am too little and I got lost.

I was hungry and thirsty from walking the streets and I was taken to the pound.

The pound is a place where stray animals are taken. The people at the pound are good to us. We get clean cages, good food and a health check up. Then we wait for someone to come and take us home.

There are so many here like me. We all want to be taken to good homes to be cared for and loved. comes someone looking for a puppy. Bark - Bark - look here--over here! I am the little white curly puppy. Nooooooo ... oh, don't leave. I am growing every day and I need a place to run and have fun.

I see more people coming. I must bark louder and do cute little things for attention. Bark~~Bark~~~over here.

This mother and dad are looking at me. I'll give them my sad eyes. She is putting me in the arms of the dad. Both are loving me. PLEASE ~~ Yes, oh yes, I am leaving!!!! Goodbye pound puppies! Home I go ~ hi~~ho~~hi~~ho. Wonder what I will find???

I like riding in the car. So many flowers are blooming, the birds are flying and the sun is shining. All these things I had forgotten. This is going to be fun....For sure ~ ~ I don't ever want to take a walk by myself. I wonder what my new home will be.???

Home at last.!!

Oh how happy I am. Let me run through the house.

Oh no --house rules. Don't do this and don't do that. I can't wait to go outside so I can do things.

What!! No digging. No chasing birds. No biting.??? A shoe? Mmmmm I'll chew on it.. No chewing shoes... I have lots to learn because I do want to be a good pound puppy. "Play ball" ~ ok ~ let me chase the ball. Ohh this is fun.

A bath? Brush my hair? Toenails cut? Please do not put a bow on me. A chew bone for me - toys for me? Oh, this is so nice.

Now I am up for show and tell. Here come the neighbors ~~~~~ How must I act? Bark, bark! Now I am wagging my tail looking up with my cute eyes. The neighbors are picking me up looking me over, eyes, ear, and my teeth,. Petting me~~~~~~ I do want to be good on my first day.

TOBY~~~~~TOBY!!!! I keep hearing this. I know, this is my name. A name is important. If I hear someone call "Toby," I must run and see what my family wants. Something is being put around my neck. A collar and my very own tags with my name TOBY because I am special.

Thank you Houston SPCA for taking care of me and providing the way for me to be taken to a home to be loved.

By Norma Stevens

Toby Crossing Over The Rainbow Bridge




By Norma