My Wonderland ~ Tiny The Elephant ~ by Norma Stevens



"Oh," Mrs. Elephant is saying to Mr. Elephant, "at last we have a baby. He is so tiny. Let us name him, Tiny.

Tiny is growing and being loved by his mother and father. They are teaching Tiny how to be a good elephant..
Be cheerful and always be thankful for everything are the words over and over by his parents.

All of Tiny's cousins are growing big and

Tiny is still the smallest of the elephants.

"Mother, why am I not growing big?" Tiny asks. "Well Tiny," says his mother, "you
may be little in size but you are big in your heart."

In the morning one day the animals in the forest are playing by the caves.Tiny, as always, is

enjoying this time of the day as it is the time to
relax with the younger elephants and play with them. The mother and father elephants are sitting
and watching their babies play and have fun.

The monkies especially like Tiny because he likes to give them rides on his back and is always cheerful to them.

"Weeeeeee come on Chetah," said one of the monkies, "hop on and ride with us. This is fun. Thank you Tiny."

Next, Tiny is walking through the forest talking to
the frogs. He listens to some

of the stories the frogs like to tell.

Grandfather frog is telling how he could have been a handsome prince if some pretty lady would have come by and kissed him. "Thank you,"says Tiny.

As Tiny is going through the forest and he hears the wind sing woooo and swooooo as the leaves on the trees are being blown and tossed by the wind.

The butterflies

land on Tiny and tell their tales about being caterpillars before becoming beautiful butterflies.

A favorite stop in the forest is lunch time and visiting the squirrels as they sit and share their nuts and stories at their picnic table with Tiny. After that, Tiny visits Mr. and Mrs. Parrot and their family and they share the latest news of the forest.

Mr. Wise Owl with his big eyes and ears so high shares a bit of wisdom with Tiny. "Always keep the sunshine in you, Tiny, and you will be a light to others." "Thank you Mr. Owl," says Tiny" I appreciate your words of wisdom."

As Tiny is walking down by the creek he sees Mr. and Mrs. Duck with their baby ducks. "Help!" cries one baby duck. I am

stuck between the rocks." Mr. and Mrs. Duck tries so hard to get the baby duck loose from the rocks. "Please help us Tiny," said Mr. and Mrs. Duck.

Tiny has a strong nose that is called a trunk. Tiny takes his strong nose that is long and pushed and pushed and moved away the rocks. "Oh Thank you Tiny," said Mr. and Mrs. Duck. "We appreciate your help so much."

While Tiny is on his way back to the caves

to have some fun playing with his playmates something bad happens......?? The rocks began to fall. Oh no! The animals are being trapped among the rocks.

Tiny starts to run, and he calls out:

"Mother and Dad where are you?" said

Tiny. "Tiny, we are here in the cave. Please help us."

"Oh, I will," says Tiny.

Tiny begins to take his trunk and lift the rocks. Some of the rocks are almost as big as Tiny, or bigger. It is hard work but so many are depending on Tiny.

"Just one more big rock! Ohhhhh, mmmmm. Almost .........YES, I DID IT. I DID IT.

Mother and Father, and all my friends, come out. I will help you - here you go."

"Oh Tiny," his mother and father are saying, "we are so proud of you for helping all of us." Tiny's friends also are so grateful. They all are standing in a circle around Tiny and telling Tiny how happy they all are to have him as their friend. "You may be little,

Tiny, but you have a big, big heart. In our eyes Tiny, you are the biggest."

By Norma Stevens