My Wonderland ~ The Ring


The Ring

In the land of make believe, there was this special Queen who wanted to bestow a Ring of precious stones to the one with the hands that would be worthy to have it because the Ring was worth great value.

Notice was sent out to all the ladies in the village that the Queen would be visiting to bestow her Ring.

All the ladies of the village were excited and all thought they would get the Ring.

Now in the village was a young lady, Maria, who was such a hard working young lady; her sisters were beautiful and had Maria doing everything for them.

Maria had to help with the cooking, cleaning and gardening. In her spare time, she would plant pretty flowers and would enjoy watching the bees coming for their nectar, and seeing the butterflies land on her pretty flowers. Maria would gaze at the butterflies when she could find a free moment. She loved to see the nature and the sunset at night, but ohhh her hands were not pretty.

When she heard the Queen was coming she would not be there, but would just continue with her chores. In the meantime, her sisters were getting all dressed up and making sure their hands were ready for the Ring which they just knew they would win.

The Queen was on her way to the home of the sisters, which was her last stop and the sisters were waiting. "Look at my hands" both ladies intoned.

The Queen was tired as she did not think that it would take this long to find some woman worthy for this jewel.

The Queen glanced over and out in the garden area was this young maiden,working so hard with the soil. The Queen was amazed to find such beautiful flowers growing.

The Queen went over to the garden and Maria immediately put her hands behind her because her hands were all dirty from working in the dirt and her nails were broken and she did not want the Queen to see her hands.

Maria reach down to pick a pretty rose for her Queen and it was then that the Queen noticed Maria's hands.

As Maria gave the rose to her Queen she held out her hands and the Queen knew that Maria was worthy of the ring.

The Queen told Maria that her hands exhibited character, because they show that she has cared for others as she has cared for the garden to grow beautiful flowers for all to appreciate.

"YOU are worthy of my Ring."

The Ring was put on Maria's hand and immediately the magic of the Ring turned Maria's hands from hard working to the most beautiful hands ever to be seen.

by Norma Stevens