My Wonderland ~ Little Sunshine



Little Sunshine

Bestowing compassion is like offering
most other gifts.
Often it is the thought that counts.

Once there was a little girl named, Elsa.
She had a very old grandmother, with white
hair, and wrinkles all over her face.

Elsa's father had a large house that stood on a hill.
Each day the sun peeped in at
the south windows.
It made everything look
bright and beautiful.

The grandmother lived on the
northside of the house.
The sun's ray never came into her room.
Elsa asked her father why the sun never
shines in the window of her grandmother.
Can we turn the house around," she asked
her father. "She will never have sunshine."

"Of course not, my child, but you can
carry some sunshine to her,"said the father.
Elsa tried to think how she could carry
some sunshine to her grandmother.

When she played in the fields she saw the
grass and the flowers nodding their heads.
The birds sang sweetly as they
flew from tree to tree.
They seemed to say, "We love the sun.
We love the bright, warm sun."

"I must try to take some sun
to my grandmother," she thought.
When she was in the garden one
morning she felt the sun's warm
rays in her golden hair.
Then she sat down and she saw
them in her lap.
"I will take them in my dress
and carry them to my
grandmother's room," said Elsa.

"Look, Grandma, Look!
I have some sunshine for you."
she said. And she opened her
dress, but there was
not a ray to be seen.

"It peeps out of your eyes, my child,"
said her grandmother,
"and it shines in your sunny, golden hair.
I do not need the sun when
I have you with me."
Elsa did not understand how the sun could
peep out of her eyes.
But she was glad to make her grandmother happy.

Every morning she played in the garden.
Then she ran to her grandmother's room to carry
the sunshine in her eyes and hair.

Adapted from The Book of Morals,
by William Bennett