My Wonderland ~ The Sculptor ~ by Norma Stevens




Flannery O Connor wrote:
"A work of art is good in itself.
What is good in itself glorifies
God because it reflects God."
This story reminds us of who
the really important audience
is as we go about
our daily work.

Long ago in ancient Greece and aged
sculptor was laboring over
a block of stone.
He carved with utmost care,
probing the rock with his chisel,
gauging the marks with sinewy hands
before making the next cut.

When it was finished, the piece would be
hoisted high into the air and set on top
of a towering shaft, and so would become
the capital, or uppermost part, of a
column. And the column would help support
the roof of a lofty temple.

"Why spend so much time and effort on that
section?" asked a passerby. "It will sit
fifty feet high. No human eye will be
able to see those details."

The old artist put down his hammer and
chisel, gazed steadily at his questioner,
and replied: "But God will see it!"

(adopted from The Moral Compass)
by William J. Bennett

"And the Lord will guide
You continually...."

Isaiah 58:11