My Wonderland ~ Sammy ~ by Norma Stevens



Hello Sammy, you are in a hurry" said Sammy's friend, Jeanie.

"Oh, yes, I was out playing in the woods and watching the birds fly.

Then I saw a hummingbird landing on a flower so I just picked a pretty flower for my mother.

Today is my birthday and I am in a hurry to get home.

" Bye Jeanie, see you later," said Sammy. When Sammy got home

he gave his flower to his mother

then Sammy's father handed him his birthday present.

Sammy's parents were very poor and had very little money but wanted to remember their son. "Here is your present" said the father.

Sammy opened his present and it was a small piece of wood, all sanded and smooth. "What is this father" asked Sammy. "Well", said the father, it is anything that you want it to be."

Then Sammy's mother handed him her gift which was a small jar filled with buttons. Buttons that were

big, small, red, green, yellow,blue, and white.

"Happy Birthday, son. What will you make of your wood and buttons?" asked his father.

Sammy looked at his gift and he saw out of this piece of wood and buttons, a ship from the wood and from the buttons men to help run the ship and sail it all around the world.

They would see many countries, meet many people and, hopefully, one day he would write and draw pictures of what he had seen. It was the best birthday present for Sammy.

If you were handed a small peice of wood and some buttons, what would you make? Remember, you can make anything of it you want and you can also be anything that you want.

By Norma Stevens

*Story of Sammy continued