My Wonderland ~ Purple & Martin ~


I am a purple martin and
I have lots of friends....
I fly over 2,000 miles every year
to find my house
that the owners have provided for me..
I have such stories to tell and here is one.

"Hello Martin.. where are you going"
asked a friend.
I am on my way with my wife, Purple,
to find our house."
"See you later my friend."

Purple.. here is a nice place
to rest for the night
and let us stop to rest
as we have a
long journey to make.

Martin, I hear something...
and I cannot sleep...
It is Mr. Owl making his night noise....
he keeps a lot
of us awake at night.

This is such a long journey,
Martin, says Purple..
but what fun it will be when
we get there as we will
see all of our friends...
and we can build us a nice
house for our babies.

Ohhh journey.. here we come.

At last, Purple, here we are.
Martin and Purple are the first
ones there to their
summer house and they get to
select the best room.
They are now waiting for their friends...

Here are our friends coming now...
"Hello friends."

Off to build our house..
and we must do a lot of work.
You rest, Purple,
and I will start the building.

The house is ready and now
the eggs are ready
and it is just
a matter of waiting.

Oh Martin, we have a baby...
we have another baby...
three babies.. four babies...
Ooh how wonderful it is, Martin,
to have our little
family and thank you for feeding
us and taking care of
us and now we must start
our instructions and
teaching and preparing our
children for their
journey every year as
the circle goes on and on
and will continue.

By Norma Stevens