My Wonderland ~ Pinky The Pig ~ by Norma Stevens


My name is Pinky and here is my story.

Gary and Tina lived on a farm and loved the animals.

One day a Mother pig was with her little baby piglet. The little piglet was only a few days old.

"Ohhhh look," Tina said to her brother, Gary. "What a precious piglet and it is a little girl and so pink. Let us name her "Pinky" and we will teach her to talk and do things."

Pinky was growing and was getting so cute but all she could say was "Oink, Oink."

Gary and Tina were trying so hard to teach Pinky to talk. Come on Pinky, say "Goodmorning." "Oink, Oink." Ahh, come on, Pinky, please talk. Pinky was saying, I am talking, "Oink, Oink." Gary said to Tina, "let us take Pinky to the fair and enter her in a contest as she is so pretty and can say, Oink, Oink." "Ok, Pinky" said Gary, "we are going to groom you

and Tina will put some cute bows on you."

"Look in the mirror Pinky how pretty you look," said Tina. Off to the fair Gary and Tina went. Ohh the fair is such a happy place

and so many animals. There were cows,horses,chickens,

dogs, cats,sheep,and all kinds

of animals.

Also, pigs. Lots of pigs. Pinky will be the prettest and she can say, "Oink, Oink." It came time for the judging of the pigs. Pinky knew she had to do her best as she wanted to be the best. "Oink, Oink, Oink" said Pinky as she was being judged. She had her pretty bows in her hair, and looked so pretty. "Oink, Oink." The judging was over and now it came time for the winners to be named.

Gary, Tina, and of course, Pinky, were waiting anxiously for judging results to be announced. Pinky started saying, "Oink, Oink."

The winner is ?????????????????

"Yes, Yes,"Pinky was saying,"hurry up," but in her talk it was "Oink, Oink."

The winner of the best and the prettest pig is

Ohhhh how happy, Gary and Tina were and of course, so was Pinky. Pinky wore the medal around her neck proudly and all the rest of the day, she was saying

"Oink, Oink."

"(I knew that I would be the winner.!!)" Just as Pinky was a winner, you can also be a winner.

Love you,


"Oink, Oink"