My Wonderland ~ Life Is Like A Patchwork



Stitch a little bit of loving;
Add a lot of tender care;

Sew together with some kindness
Let the sun shine everywhere.

Choose a pattern
For your life's work,
Add some fun along the way,

Life is like a valued patchwork
Keep it precious
Day by day.

Nails In The Post

There was a farmer who had a son named John,
a boy very apt to the thoughtless
and carelsss about doing
what he was told to do.

One day his father said to him. "John, you are so
carless and forgetful,
that every time you do wrong,
I shall drive a nail into the post, to remind you
how often you are naughty.
And every time you do
right I will draw one out." His
father did as he said he would and every day he
had one and sometimes a great many nails to
drive in, but very seldom one to draw out.

At last John saw that the post
was covered with nails
He resolved to be a better boy, and the next day
was so good and industrious that several nails came
It was the same thing day in and day out until all
nails were removed.

John looked at the post, and then instead of
expressing his joy, he burst into tears.
"Why", said his father, "what is the matter?
I should think you would be delighted
the nails are all gone."

"Yes," sobbed John. "the nails are gone,
but the scars are there yet."

So it is with your faults and bad habits,
you may over come them,
you may by degress cure
them, but the scars remain.

Whenever you find yourselves doing a wrong thing,
or getting into a bad habit, stop at once.
For everytime that you give in to drive
another nail and that will leave a scar on your soul,
even if the nail should be afterwards drawn out.

Adapted from The Book of Virtures
by William J. Bennett