My Wonderland ~ Mothers

In this world there
Are many mothers
But to me, you are
Like no other.

You cooked, you cleaned,
You saved, you cared,
And did other things
No Mothers dared.

You made the bed
And changed the sheets;
Washed the dirt
Off my little feet.

You packed my lunch,
Sent me to school.
But at home is where
I learned the golden rule.

One day I awoke
And I was in college
Studying hard,
Gaining all knowledge.

The lessons you have
Taught me in this course of life

Keep me calm and
Peaceful in this
World of strife.

You are so special and
That is why it is So easy to say
I love you, Mother,
Have a happy day.

Written for me by Gary Stevens
May, 1992