My Wonderland ~ Manners ~ by Norma Stevens





Soup: Use your soup spoon to eat your soup. Move the spoon away from your self.

Salad: The outside fork is the salad fork. Use this for eating your salad.

Meat: Place the meat knife in your right hand and the fork in your left hand. Cut a bite size portion. Lay the knife on your plate by your right hand and switch the fork to your right hand.Cut only one
bite at a time.

Water: Before drinking your water or beverage, blot your mouth first with your napkin. This keeps your glass clean. The napkin should then be placed on your lap.

Bread: Take a small amount of butter and jelly and put them on your plate or bread plate. Cut a small amount of bread
to butter and eat.

Table: A gentleman seats the lady,holding the chair for her.When another lady or gentleman will come to the table or enters a room, the gentleman will stand while
the lady is seated.

Note Ladies: When entering, if it be at a table or a room, a gentleman should stand for you while you are being seated.
If you are not going to sit, thank him so he will not remain standingYou may begin to eat when the person (host or hostess) who has invited you to dinner starts eating.

Walking: A gentleman, when walking with a lady,should walk on the outside, toward the curb. A gentleman will always help the lady down the steps.

A gentlman should open doors for the lady.Also he should open the car door for her to get in
and out of the car.


Introduction: Always introduce the gentleman to the lady. Example: "Miss A., meet my friend, Mr. C."

Friend to your parent----younger to older. Example: "Mother, this is Miss A." "Miss A., this my Mother."

Thank You: Always remember to say or write your "thank you."

Please is such an important word. Remember to say " Please."

May I:"When requesting permission to do something say
"May I."Do not say"Can I."

Excuse Me:

Let us learn these two words, say them over and over, "Excuse me."

Hats for Gentlemen: Remove your hat when being introduced to a lady.

Hold your hand over your heart for the pledge of allegiance

and when the national anthem is being played.

by Norma Stevens.