My Wonderland ~ Lucky ~ by Norma Stevens


Did you ever think about your name? Ask your mother and father about your name.For all of your life, you will be known as your name.

I am a parakeet and this is the story about how I got my name.........

It is dark in here. Peck - peck - peck ---- I see light - peck - peck - more light. I see my mother and father bird. They are feeding me so I can grow. I hear some peep peep's. I have some brothers and sisters. My mother and father bird are taking good care of me. I am growing and growing. What is this fuzzy hair on me? I must be going to look like my parents. They are light blue.My brothers and sisters are pretty and light blue.I have wings and my wings go up and down.

Ohh Ohh ---Here comes a human mother and father looking at me. The mother is putting me in her hand and talking softly to me. She is looking at the father and he is saying "yes." They are taking me home with them to be their pet." Bye......all." I have a pretty cage in my new home and good food and lots of play toys. I have a swing and a mirror which I can see myself. My mother is cleaning my cage. Oh - oh - The door to the cage did not close....... Wonder what is outside this cage?? ZOOM - ZOOM - Up I go.! My wings are going up and down. Ohhhh the sky is so pretty. The flowers are in bloom. What is that yellow spot in the sky that is bright and hot? I see other birds like me flying. Weeeee what fun I am having.

"Hello birds. Can I fly with you?" They all seem too busy for me. Ohhh I am getting tired. I am also hungry and I want a drink of water. Where am I???

I cannot find my nice home, my pretty cage with all that food and water and my mother and dad.

Down I go. Flop!! I am too hungry and thirsty to fly. "HELP!!!" Here comes a mother.
"Please help me." She is picking me up and telling me that it is going to be ok. She is taking me to a new house and giving me some water and food.

"Thank you nice mother." "Oh, you sweet little bird. Let me love you."

  I am being put in a beautiful cage built under a tree with doves and other birds like me. For sure, I will never fly away again.

My mother is calling me


I am lucky ... and you are too!!!

By Norma Stevens