"The Knights of the Silver Shield"

Sometimes being a hero means resisting the call to glory elsewhere and standing fast at your post.

Once in a land far away there was a dark and dangerous forest, where cruel giants lived. In the forest was a large castle and inside the castle lived a company of knights,
who fought the cruel giants.

Each of the knights had a silver shield that did something quite wonderful. When a new knight first received his shield, its surface looked cloudy and dull. As the knight began to do service against the giants, his shield would grow brighter until he could see his face reflected on its surface.

Not only did his silver shield grow bright.. but when a knight won a very great victory everyone could see something like a golden star shining in its very heart. Winning his star was the greatest honor a knight could achieve.

All the knights in the castle made
ready to go out and fight.

There was a young knight named Sir Roland. He could not wait to ride forth and battle the giants to prove what knightly stuff he was made of, But the lord of the castle told him that he must stay behind and guard the castle gate.

Sir Roland was disappointed. The knights left and Sir Roland was left to guard the castle gate...

Then a knight came back and said, "I have been hurt and cannot fight anymore and if you would like to go in my place

Sir Roland knew that he had to guard the gate. Then a lady came by to tell Sir Roland that there was trouble outside
and for him to go and help.

But, Sir Roland guarded the gate.

Then a little man came by and also told Sir Roland that he was needed in the battle, and was making fun of Sir Roland for not fighting.

As he looked at the little man walking away.. the little man became a giant...

Sir Roland knew that this must be one of their giant enemies.

When the men returned the lord asked Sir Roland how the guarding of the gate went and Sir Roland was telling the lord about the people
wanting him to leave.

The lord spoke and said, "Men make mistakes..but our silver shields are never mistaken. Sir Roland has fought and won the hardest battle of all today."

The others rose and gladly saluted Sir Roland, who became the youngest knight to ever carry
the golden star.

from William Bennett Book of Heroes